"Steps for a classic pastrami sandwich:
1. Grill your bread: Butter both sides of the bread. On a hot skillet, place bread to grill. When browned, flip to the other side. Remove when both sides of the bread are golden.
2. Spread the mustard on both pieces of bread.
3. Layer the pastrami. Go as high as you want! We don’t consider it a sandwich unless you need both hands to hold it.
4. Optional: Layer sauerkraut on top of the pastrami. Our sauerkraut isn’t very “sauer” so don’t be worried about too much acidity. It adds a nice crunch and JUST the right amount of acid.
5. Close the sandwich. Cut it in half if you’re intimidated. Chow down. Eat a pickle. To reheat the meat – just microwave for a few seconds. Be careful not to over nuke or else it will dry up."

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